Indoor and Outdoor Storage

A locked storage unit at an Atlantic Self Storage facility

Indoor vs. Outdoor Self Storage in Jacksonville, FL

When you find yourself with dozens of boxes and items that you don’t have any room for, it is time to rent a self storage unit from Atlantic Self Storage. We understand how important and valuable your items are, and we want to help you find space for them. However, it can be tricky to decide what type of self storage unit is best for you and your items. At Atlantic Self Storage in Florida, we offer both indoor and outdoor self storage units. Depending on the number and types of items you need to store, you may prefer one over the other. 

Should I rent an indoor or outdoor unit?

You know your items better than anyone. That is why we want to give you all the information you need to decide which type of storage unit is right for you. Both indoor and outdoor storage units have their good qualities and their limitations. Below you will find a list of pros and cons for each type of storage unit: 

Pros and Cons of Indoor Self Storage

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Self Storage

What can I store in an indoor storage unit?

When trying to decide what type of storage unit is best for you, think about the types of items you need to store. The delicate nature of certain items makes them susceptible to warping and other temperature-related damage. If you think any of your items could be damaged by the weather, you may want to consider an indoor storage unit and even a climate-controlled self storage unit. Some items to keep in mind when making this decision are:

Items To Store in Outdoor Storage Units

While some items do need to be protected from the heat and cold, a lot of items do not. If you are using an outside storage unit and you are worried your items might be ruined, here is a list of items that are definitely OK to be stored in an outdoor self storage unit.

Find Indoor and Outdoor Self Storage Near You

Whether you need indoor or outdoor storage, you can find both at Atlantic Self Storage. For assistance finding the right self storage unit size for you, allow our unit size guide to make a recommendation. Our FAQ page can also answer any of your other self storage questions. In the meantime, we hope to see you at your local Atlantic Self Storage facility today!